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Battery Life, Storage Capacity, and Recording Time

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2017 04:48PM MDT

How long can I record video on my Pivothead glasses? 
How can I extend recording time?


Battery Life

Each pair of Pivothead glasses comes with a non-removable, rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. In addition, all SMART glasses support an optional external Fuel Mod.


  • For continuously recording Full HD (1080p, 30fps) all models will run for approximately 1 hour. For SMART glasses, this requires the Fuel Mod.
  • Standby times vary considerably depending on how often a user uses their Pivothead glasses.
  • Pivothead glasses will automatically turn off after 2 minutes of inactivity to save battery life. This can be disabled using the desktop or smartphone control app.

Video Record and Stream Times
Device Record @ 1080p/30fps Live Stream @ 480 WVGA (1 Mb/sec)
SMART Glasses 25 minutes not recommended
SMART + Fuel Mod 60 minutes 25 minutes
Durango Glasses 60 minutes N/A
Kudu Glasses 60 minutes N/A

Battery Capacity
Device Capacity (mAh = milliamp hours)
SMART Glasses 300 mAh
SMART Fuel Mod 445 mAh
Durango & Kudu Glasses 440 mAh

Storage Capacity

The Kudu and Durango glasses have 8 GB of internal storage. This cannot be expanded. Our SMART series uses a removable microSD card for storage. Regardless of model, all of our glasses use the same H.264 MP4 format for recording video, and the size of a video will be same across all lines.

Video Sizes (1 GB = 1,024 MB)
Video Quality 10 Minutes 1 Hour
1080p @ 30fps 990 MB 5.8 GB
720p @ 30fps 650 MB 3.8 GB
480p @ 30fps 320 MB 1.9 GB

How We Test

The table values above come from the hundreds of internal tests we run on our glasses. When we test the glasses we use a standard configuration as follows:
  • Video Settings:
    • Resolution: 1080p, 30fps
    • Quality: SFine
    • Focus: Auto
    • Audio: On
    • Face Tracking: On
    • PAL: Off
  • Scene: Static, non-moving (normally a wall or ceiling)
  • Lighting: Indoor, with open windows

The recording times and battery capacity for your videos will depend on environmental factors, and while they should be close to our laboratory times, there may be some decrease. Things like lighting levels, amount of focus changes, and other conditions can affect performance.

Tips to Increase Recording Time

There are a number of video settings that can be configured or disabled. These settings can be changed using either the desktop or smartphone control apps. Most of these settings will affect both power use and video size.
  • Disable audio - Moderate gains to battery and file sizes
  • Lower resolution to 720p/30fps - Moderate gains to battery and file size
  • Lower resolution to 480p - Moderate gains to file size, little gain to battery
  • Change auto-focus to fixed or macro - Low to moderate gain to battery, no effect on file size
  • Record in brighter light - Moderate gain to battery, low gain on file size
  • Disable Face Tracking - Low gain to battery life


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