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Live Streaming and Live Mod FAQ

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2016 02:13PM MST



Q: What is Live Streaming?

A: Live streaming is the term we use to describe sending video directly from our glasses to any source other than the memory card in the glasses. The destination is usually your channel on


Q: How Does Live Streaming with Work?

A: Normally your SMART glasses record video directly to the internal SD card. However, with the addition of the SMART Live Mod your glasses can instead send or stream the video wirelessly. is a new service that we offer free-of-charge to both viewers and Live Mod customers. Once you start a stream, viewers can watch it in near real-time by visiting your personal channel. Viewers can also chat with you or each other, follow broadcasters, and bump videos that they enjoy. If you are not actively streaming, viewers can also watch recent broadcasts.


Q: What Do I Need to Stream?

A: Streaming requires the following three things:
  • SMART glasses
  • A connected Live Mod
  • Strong WiFi network

In addition, to set up your Live Mod for the first time, you will need to use either a website or one of our smartphone apps. However, once it has been configured, you will not need to use a computer or laptop for streaming.

Our Live Mod supports the 802.11b/g/n protocols on the 2.4Ghz band. It is compatible with the security formats WEP, WPA, and WPA2. It does not yet support the 5Ghz band or the 801.11ac protocol and it is not compatible with any of the enterprise level WPA security standards.

Most ISPs allow their customers to stream video, but some ISPs, especially mobile providers, block or throttle video uploads. Before purchasing the Live Mod, please contact your ISP and make sure that streaming video is supported. Also, if you are planning on using a workplace or public network to stream video, please make sure that your router allows incoming and outgoing connections to port 1935.



Q: Is a SMART Live Mod the Same as a SMART Fuel Mod?

A: No. Although they look similar, the two mods are very different. The Fuel Mod connects to the right side of your glasses and is used just like an external battery. The Live Mod connects to the left side of your glasses and does not provide any extra power.


Q: Is the Live Mod Included with my Glasses?

A: No. If you received a SMART Mod with your glasses then it is a Fuel Mod. Our Live Mod is an optional accessory and can be purchased from our store at


Q: My Glasses are Already Wireless. Why Do I Need a Live Mod?

A: Your glasses have a built-in wireless Bluetooth radio which is used to communicate with a smartphone. Your phone can send commands to the glasses to take a photo, start or stop a recording, and adjust settings. You can also configure your Live Mod and WiFi network. However, the Bluetooth protocol is for low-bandwidth, low-power messages and you cannot use Bluetooth to stream video or send media files from your glasses to your phone. These kinds of things are only possible over WiFi and this requires a Live Mod.


Q: Can I Use my Phone or a Hotspot to Stream?

A: Maybe. Mobile phones function differently than normal wireless routers, and every phone has different capabilities. In addition, even if the phone has the technical capabilities to function as a hotspot, your mobile carrier may not allow this, or they may allow it but throttle or restrict video.

If you can turn your phone into a hotspot, and if your carrier allows video data to be transmitted, then you should be able to use it for streaming while on the go. However, even 4G networks sometimes have poor performance, and your stream quality may be low or you may have frozen or dropped frames.

Our technical support team will work with you to get your Live Mod set up and streaming, but we cannot offer any support for configuring your phone as a hotspot. Once your phone has a stable Internet connection and is broadcasting a WiFi signal, we can offer limited support for connecting your Live Mod. However, it is very rare for us to have performance problems on our side of the service, and we may not be able to help you get a clear or satisfactory stream over a mobile network.



Q: Can I Wirelessly View Videos and Photos Stored on my MicroSD Card?

A: Currently this feature is available with the SMART Control app for Android. It will allow you to both stream your video directly to your phone and also allow you to view and download any videos or photos stored on your microSD card. This feature requires a Live Mod.

This functionality is not available for iOS users (iPhone or iPad), but we plan on adding it in a future update. You can still use the iOS app to control your glasses, and there is a way to stream from your glasses to your phone, but it is not built into the app.



Q: How Do I Stream Directly to my Computer?

A: In addition to streaming over the Internet to your channel, your glasses can also stream directly to your computer using just a local wireless network. This is accomplished by placing the Live Mod into local or AP mode and then connecting to it like you would for any other wireless network. All users of our Live Mods are able to stream video from their glasses to the Pivothead desktop application for Windows. This application will also allow you to record the video stream to a file on your computer. We will add this functionality to the Mac desktop app soon.

Out-of-the-box, the Live Mod is not able to stream to any local sources other than the Pivothead Desktop application. However, for our professional and developer customers, this ability can be unlocked. Once unlocked, the Live Mod can steam locally to any software or device capable of reading the signal. For more information, please contract our Professional Sales team.



Q: Can I Record a Video While Streaming? Can I Download a Previous Stream?

A: You cannot both record a video to your glasses SD card and stream it at the same time. But, you are able to use our desktop application to record a local stream to your computer as it is being viewed. Also, once you finish a stream that is being broadcast on your channel, professional accounts will be able to download a copy of the stream as a standard MP4 file. To access your previous streams, please visit your channel page while logged into your account.


Q: How Do I Stream to YouTube or Facebook?

A: For now, it is not possible to stream directly from our glasses to a YouTube channel or Facebook page. However, this is a feature we are actively working on and hope to make available soon. Currently, we plan on integrating directly with Facebook and YouTube. Other social media services may be supported later.


Q: I Really Want to Stream to a Different Site. What Can I Do?

A: Our glasses are designed to stream only to supported social media services or to a local desktop running our application. Even so, the Live Mod uses industry standard protocols for both the stream and the media server it runs on. For those who have the time and technical expertise necessary for configuring their own platform, we can unlock the streaming protocols and destinations of the Live Mod. Although we cannot directly support streaming to other third-party sites, we will not prevent any developers from using an unlocked Live Mod to do so. Please contact us directly for more information on purchasing an unlocked Live Mod.


Q: How Fast Does My Internet Need to be to Stream?

A: Your streaming quality and experience will be dependent on a number of factors related to your WiFi and Internet connection, and while bandwidth or speed is important, there are other things to consider as well.

To stream at the highest bit-rate setting, we recommend having at least a 3 Mbps upload speed. To stream at low or medium bit-rates, you will need to have an upload speed of at least 1 Mbps.

These numbers do not consider interference, temporary Internet bottlenecks, or a congested wireless network and are only meant as a baseline. For more information on wireless requirements and tips for improving streaming quality, please see the article, "Stream Quality: Wireless Requirements and Troubleshooting



Q: How Fast Does My Hotspot Need to be to Stream?

A: Unlike your home ISP, the bandwidth of your hotspot is not as important as the overall reliability of your connection. Streaming rates on hotspots can vary widely from one minute to the next and will depend on your location, cell-tower coverage, weather, and a host of other factors. You can test your hotspot bandwidth by going to a location where you know you will be streaming from and then connecting a laptop or desktop to your hotspot and running a speed test, such as the free test available at In addition, although it may be possible to live stream using a 3G data service, we recommend a 4G or LTE network.


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