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SMART Firmware

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018 10:41AM MDT
Latest Firmware Version: G20-20171116-001
Released: January 25th, 2018  

To make sure your SMART eyewear have the latest features, you will need to update your product by downloading & installing the latest firmware.

You will need to make sure you have the latest version of the Pivothead desktop application before you proceed. You can find the latest version HERE.

STEP 1: Insert a microSD card with at least 50 MB of free space into your SMART glasses. Make sure that the SD card fully "clicks" into place.

STEP 2: Connect your Pivothead glasses to your computer, turn them on, and open the Pivothead desktop application.

STEP 3: Ensure your glasses are at least 50% charged and that you have a microSD card inserted. In the lower left hand corner you will see an "Update" button. Click this button to proceed with the update. If you are not at least 50% charged you will receive this error.

STEP 4: The desktop application will begin downloading the firmware onto your device. Please wait while the download completes.

STEP 5: On screen instructions will present themselves once the download is complete. Please follow the instructions exactly as they are listed. You must unplug your Pivothead eyewear from your computer, turn on your eyewear, and then wait for the firmware to finish updating. You will know your eyewear have completed the update once all lights on your glasses have powered off.

STEP 6: Power on your glasses one more time and allow them to sit idle for approximately 30 seconds. You should see the Red and Green LED lights blink 4 times and then turn off. Now that the firmware on your Pivothead glasses has been updated, reconnect your glasses and power them on. Open up the Pivothead desktop application and you should see in the lower left hand corner that your eyewear is up to date.

Manual Installation Instructions

Step 1: Insert an SD card with at least 50 MB of free space into your SMART glasses
Step 2: Connect SMART glasses to computer and power on.
Step 3: Download the latest SMART glasses firmware from below.
Step 4: 
Extract the downloaded zip file.
Step 5: Copy the smart.bin file. 
Step 6: Paste the smart.bin file to SMART glasses drive (copy to same level as DCIM folder).
Step 7: Safely disconnect glasses from computer.
Step 8: Power glasses on and wait for update to complete (LED will blink while updating).
Step 9: Power glasses on again and wait for left-side red and green LEDs to blink four times.
Step 10: Double click the Pivothead icon to launch the Pivothead desktop app, and connect your glasses to your computer. Confirm your firmware version is



1. Make sure micro SD card is installed.
2. Make sure there is at least 50 MB available on memory card.
3. Make sure glasses are charged above 50% or connected to power source.
4. Updating firmware will reset all settings.
5. If updating glasses and LIVE mod, update LIVE mod firmware first.

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