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Last Updated: Dec 28, 2015 05:00PM MST

How do I take a still photo with Pivothead?

The same concept for video recording applies to still photos, simply press the Pivothead button backward to take an 8MP still photo. In addition to the single photo feature you can also take burst mode and time lapse mode photos. These settings can be toggled using our Apps.

How do I know that I am recording?

A red light on the inside temple blinks slowly to indicate video recording is in progress. This video will explain it all:

Is the device “plug and play” with both PC and Mac?

Yes, Pivothead is compatible with both PC and Mac. Although you can simply use the USB cable to download directly to your computer, iOS device or Android device, we recommend you use our Apps. In addition to transferring content, the Pivothead apps let you control every aspect of your glasses.


What can I use Pivothead for?

Pivothead easily captures video or photos anywhere, anytime, in High Definition Hands Free (HDHF). We at Pivothead want you to record your life from the most unique vantage point in the world — yours. 

How can I view the video I just shot?

To view a video you just shot simply plug the glasses into any computer device. While Pivothead was designed to function just like a USB stick (once the glasses are on and plugged in you’ll find the Pivothead drive on your local computer), we recommend that you interact with your Pivotheads using our Apps.


Can I erase video I just shot?

Not directly via the glasses themselves however if plugged into any device you’ll be able to delete your content.

How much memory does my Pivothead Video Eyewear come with and do I need to purchase anything else before recording?

Pivothead has 8 GB of storage built in so you’re ready to go right out of the box – no memory cards needed, no additional mounting accessories required.

How much video can I shoot with Pivothead?

Each 8 GB of storage holds approximately 60 minutes of 1080p HD video.

Can I record while plugged in and charging?

Yes, you can! When the glasses are plugged into a charging device you can record at the same time. However, that charging device can’t be your computer

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