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Pivothead Eyewear Quick Start Guide

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2015 02:42PM MST

Getting Started with Pivothead Original series


Step 1: Turn on your Pivothead Eyewear

  • Locate the power button (A) which located on the bottom of the left ear piece.
  • Press the power button (a short press).  That's it! Boom.
  • You should now see a blue light on the LED status indicator (B). Great success.
  • If the blue light is not on - try plugging your Pivothead in - they probably need to be charged.To turn off your Pivothead, just push the same button.

Step 2: Record a video

  • Locate the Pivot switch and press the forward part (C).
  • You should now see both the blue power LED + a blinking red LED (B).
  • Congrats - you are now recording a video!
  • To stop recording simply push the forward portion of the Pivot switch again and make sure the red LED stops blinking.
  • Oh snap - you've just recorded a video. (hopefully it was a good one).

Step 3: Take a picture

  • Locate the Pivot switch and press (short press) the back part (D).
  • The red LED (B) - will blink once quickly, and once slowly.
  • Congrats - you just took an 8 megapixel snapshot!

General Troubleshooting


Other LED Notifications:

Sometimes you might see your glasses' LED blinking.  Here's what they indicate.
  • If the blue and red light are blinking - your Pivothead memory is full.
  • If the blue light is blinking slowly your battery is low (less than 10%).
  • If the blue light is blinking quickly your battery is gone - and your glasses will soon shut off.


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